Marc Pagani Photography
Wedding Packages: A La Carte Pricing

Custom-designed wedding photography...create your own wedding images package. Once you're all done, just fill in your info and click "send email" and I will get back to you within a few hours usually, but defintely within 24 hours and we'll make it happen!

To photograph my wedding, I would like:

Additional Photographer:

Wedding Location:

Wedding Day Coverage:

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage:

Engagement Photo Session:

Travel (excudes destination weddings):

Wedding album:

Proofing/Digital or Film Negatives:

Professional Print Credit: $

4x6"  -$8 5x7"  -$12 6x8"  -$12 8x10"  -$20
10x15"  -$35 12x18"  -$50 11x14"  -$40 16x20"  -$75



Estimated wedding amount: $1,200

Email your package to Marc
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